In prevailing scenario most of the students and parents are ignorant of skills repercussion. Skill development is no longer a subject of preference and being ignorant will jeopardy the future course of career. It is paramount process to seek, strive and succeed. We toil in an epoch where dealing with ambiguity and disruptive trends are pivotal to success. Imbibing skills and attitude is inevitable to succeed in due course.


Parents of first time graduate pour their entire hard work and sweat on their children’s education and development, subsequently being ignorant of the skills to be imbibed. Education qualification is mere certificate and this will not fetch career, by enlarge numerous high scoring certificates are lying in almirah. 

Educational Institutions only project about skills on paper, but don’t follow in truth and spirit. The most pressing need for any student aspiring to be a

is communication skills. In prevailing globalisation with an array of opportunities in the professional world, has increased the overall demand for skill.


Skill Deprivation is a sin being committed against children by the society, education single-handedly won’t guarantee a Job and being content.  The inevitable impact of technology (smartphone) on students and investing in their behavioural development is need of the hour.

Attitudinal adaptation of skills is very important for children from tender age, behaviour is always greater than knowledge. This is not individual prerogative, the stakeholders (Government) has to thrust for punitive actions to educate educational institution, parents and students in truth and spirit about the importance of skills.

The preference for learners are absolutely clear, pragmatically visualise your future area of work. By understanding your strengths and weaknesses, importantly  money cant be a substitute, only hard work ! QUESTION YOURSELF, WHAT CAN YOU GIVE YOURSELF?