The innovation of social media has unfastened the doorway to reconnect with old friends through social media, especially for high schooler before 2004. The maiden social platform, ORKUT which was designed to meet new and old friends, uphold existing relationship and had a limitation. Importantly, internet was not accessible to the people of all walks of the life during the aforesaid period.

The Facebook created a revolution and enabled to bond and create impact around the globe.  Subsequently, this group transformed into private and they switch on to WhatsApp groups, admin being benevolent, further strictly maintain private chats between them. Obliviously, the curiosity to discover about the old friends appearance, marital status, work/profession, kids, where they reside or places they had been. Few male members of group try to influence by spurious ideas without understanding that ladies have extreme life experience (unaware of the saying “don’t ask man what books he has read, you can know by their conversation”). Further, deeply scanning the conversation and updates being posted by the members on day today basis, storing the important one in the hard disc to learn minutiae about it in person.

Out of nowhere the baby of Reunion is proposed, conceived and grows. The chat group is too hot to decide the venue, finance  and time of reunion. Further proposing extremely funny, impracticable suggestion to showoff one’s connect and influence, obliviously at time it becomes difficult to understand it is a reunion or expedition. Nevertheless, wise minds intervene and conclusive understanding is made and a genuine heart takes the responsibility. Some adopts western style and starts circulating online survey forms (meaningless), without understanding barrier and dilemma in rendering consent.  The main spotlight is on those wanting to be part of reunion and those don’t want. The possible encompassing characters are being conceived after clear understanding.


VOLUNTEERS are individuals who propose  reunion to renew and rejuvenate the old friendship.

RETRIEVERS leeway to see a person whom you might have been longing to meet and people who had been erased from your memory during journey of life, fortunately you recollected after connecting with social media.

SOUVENIRS the sweethearts, who desired to beloved, reminisce and relive the occurrences of High School.

CALCULATIVE intended to perceive how each person has transformed over the period of time. 

PROJECTORS try to showcase the journey of evolvement.

CURIOUS to have first hand information about memorable people (teachers and elders), places (class rooms, playground & principal office) and revisit the old memorable memory of place one grew up.

EXPLORERS who want to discover more about classmates (especially girls) with whom one gets less opportunity to hang out during school days.


PRECONCEIVED presume that they were not popular and their feelings might not fit in union.

JADED is not interested to travel a distance and can’t afford the costs to attend.

ENTANGLED is engaged with work obligation and not able to strike a balance with specified period.

STRANGLED is committed with domestic responsibility and overlap with the date air marked.

BAGGAGE, dislike on particular classmate, subsequently holds grudges till date and not interested to see someone who might be part of the reunion.

DEPENDENT being apprehensive that their close friend will not be part of the reunion.

DISCONTENTED not fine about their prevailing life circumstances, accomplishment and health issues.

PESSIMIST perceive negativity of not being recognized or remembered or being bullied.

The journey of life is like course of river, if one has made up their mind to abstain from reunion, they should not feel blameworthy, we are adult nearing fifties and is an individual preference but there is always scope to reconsider one’s decision. “Who knows the cohorts will only see you as a classmate as you were”, not more than that!

The reunion gives scope to reconnect with old classmates with whom hanging out in high school had a limitation. Meticulously, during the course of life journey some might have learnt the whereabouts of few classmates. Importantly, one has shelve ego and cajole to be yourself.  Subsequently, create an opportunity to explore one another, further transforming into comradeship, which was overlooked during teenage. The crux of reunion is that this opens doors to be relaxed and be simply you. The reunion attendance strength more than one fourth of former students is Manifestation of Tremendous Triumph. The Life’s hard experience is what teaches us and not the age. The biggest room in the world is room of learning/improvement, the more you learn/improve its walls get widen.  Damn you can’t touch the wall. Keep transforming abreast with the change, spreading positivity in your realm and take up social responsibility. GOD BLESS !

COME AS SCHOOLER AND GO AS SCHOLAR (Dedicated to classmates).

Note: This article was inspired by my classmates of KV No 2, AF Tambaram, 1991 Batch, Chennai, India and the tentative reunion planning is in mid April 2021. There is ample scope of scripting after the reunion.


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