In prevailing scenario teens and youth post negligently and irresponsibly. Express debauchery, charade and discriminatory comments on social media related to race, religion or gender and violence. Beware of rage on social media, which will dwindle your future in due course.

 A potential employer will screen the social media posts of the candidates. The subsequent repercussion is, more than three fourth of the potential youth were rejected not because of their capabilities, but incredible post the employer perceived online. The social media post will enable one to understand your traits and attitude of an individual. One has to reassess prior to posting. The below motioned are important vulnerable reasons for employers turning down candidates.

Provocative or Inappropriate photographs, Videos, Drinking or Using drug, Race, Gender or religion, Politics, Qualifications, Behavior, Unprofessional screen name, Frequent posting and Ghost online. Further, the aforesaid actions have led  to  arrest of many and brought humiliation to self and family.  Subsequently, when the private information is publicized, the repercussions lead to depression and suicidal.

If one, out of innocence or deliberately rants or bad mouths their former company, job, friends, fellow employee skills and shares confidential information of previous employers in social media, this will be amounting to breach of trust. Further these actions will manifest what your worth, subsequently jeopardy ones carrier and at times impedes one in seeking overseas visa a dream ferry. The foreign embassy meticulously scrutinizes social media  and identity's "what you are" before granting the Visa. Importantly, inculcate and educate children from tender a age to use social media responsibly  for their better tomorrow and create a reunion of  reflection.

Imbibe social media in a positive approach and showcase your personality. Do use social media to your advantage; engrave wonderful positive comments and views to project your communication skills/talents. Online persona is not quandary, carry on impacting the social networking site to transform life.

Think twice before you post in social media, there are checks and balances for every action, be conscious someone is carrying out surveillance round the clock. The ability, finance and prerequisite do not matter, when online past draws closer to haunt existence. Beware!  Be an integral part of social media with social responsibility and be conscious your smartphone is double a edged sword. Good is no good when better is possible. Keep socializing!

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