In the prevailing scenario, Politics prevail in every facet of our lives and predominantly exist in office. Importantly, office politics is not immune and create un-conducive work environment. Political discord at work places leads to greater ramification in growth of an individual and organization.

Unfortunately, an exceptional human has to work between Gossip hound, Rumor mongers, Credit Thief, Saboteur, Flatterer, Advisor and Lobbyist and one has to face the repercussions.

Importantly, human resources are to be relied on for development  in an organization. The main goal for most of the employees is to gain power, the method of gaining this power promotes unhealthy completion among employees. Undoubtedly, it is paramount for the top management and executives to institutes a set of polices to govern and a chain of command that promotes positive office politics. Obviously, employees should be empowered with positive political dexterity, such as social astuteness, integrity, managing social networks and interpersonal influence. There are human resources unexplored in an organization, it's paramount to elucidate the various obscured characteristics by the Leader/ Entrepreneur/Executives/Management.


Such people will work beyond the office hours. As leader one has to find out the motive of an over timer. As per my experience the motive can be to gain the confidence of higher Echelon to attain hidden agenda. The hidden agendas might be to draw attention to climb up the hierarchy in short cut, wired personal life, creating insecurity to outstanding staff with integrity, lacks compatibility to attain the target in stipulated working hours and enemy agent ( to fulfill their mala fide intention by being accomplice to our competitor). Beware of organizational Beguiler and slicker.


These are the ones who avoid important responsibility, always take up secondary responsibility and are engrossed in social media. Importantly projecting their age, gender and health condition as a pretext to this effect, but claim the benefits on par with the best ones and create groupies.


Sticklers be in time and leave in time, Most of the time they complete the assigned task and not worry about others evaluation. Stickler by enlarge command Integrity, not bothered about growth (Who cares? Attitude), they have a wonderful life behind work. Often these human resources who work with integrity were misjudged around the globe. Sticklers are happy in their respective personal life, hence they are focused on completing a given task. Subsequently they are well equipped, knowledgeable and updated to keep them abreast with change. They don’t care who they know, further focus on what they know.To conclude, in this self-centered humanity, no one will spend a moment or penny without intent. If an organization wants to flourish, keep motivating Sticklers, they are a reliable work force with integrity and confidence. This will enable OVER TIMER and SCROUNGERS imbibe the transformation. I, being a Stickler, proudly pronounce for Sticklers around the world, “You all need to be explored yet”. This understanding will lead to positive politics in the workplace, these behaviors create a conducive environment, inhibit employees' ability to perform soundly and they are detrimental to teams, employee morale. Imbibe Boss, be smart and smartphone! 


Advisor: The advisor is a person leaders confide in for solutions. 

Lobbyist: A person fights hard for swaying opinions in their favor. 

Saboteur: This type of person works only for self benefit, openly be critical to others and don't hesitate to destroy co-workers' career. 

Flatterer: Is a person who compliments round the clock but it can be difficult to ascertain their genuineness or making an attempt to win people over. 

Credit thief: A person will put all means to get ahead in the race, even projecting credit for someone's ideas and work for them.

Gossip hound: This person knows meticulously what is happening around the office and is not afraid to share details and compare with anyone.

Rumor mongers: This type of person will spread actions of aforesaid characters and create chaos.

Note: The term Stickler is first time being projected by Author Murali Mervic (+91 9445310576).