Mankind is filled with diverse kinds of humans (cheerful, cheerless, livid, annoyed and peaceful). Importantly within every human there are plenty of emotions, subsequently these emotions surface as per the prevailing circumstances. Further during the course of time one of their emotions dominates and that becomes their nature. Obviously, others have to face the consequences and repercussions. Negatively, the presence of such people in and around us creates an un-conducive environment. One must put forth their endeavor to solve the problems of others, unfortunately some people steal our happiness and propel a sense of insecurity by intimidation in their negativity.

Negativity is intense emotions that emit anger, resentment, aggression and hostility. Importantly there is nothing fine about repulsion, but it transforms one’s life more miserable and will affect others adversely. These negative traits when knowingly consumed will annihilate to greater extent than any disease. Subsequently neither they will be content nor leave others to be in peace, hence it is better to stay away from below mentioned negative mindedness. One all ways put one's endeavor to solve the problems of others, in spite of all our efforts we need to stay away from below mentioned character.


These are people who always focus on their problems and find faults on others.  They will be thriving to demoralize by imbibing negative attitudes. Importantly, speak something in front and do some other thing in the back, they are not what they appear. They speak very pleasantly and deceive when they get an opportunity. Importantly the weapons being used by such people is to find faults on others round the clock. A clear manifestation of preaching what they don’t practice and never appreciate or encourage one and another. The presence of such people will release negative energy, the cheerfulness will deteriorate as we associate ourselves with being self centric. Such people will be gossiping ill about everyone who is not present.


This type of person will somehow or other will land in trouble. In real life we find a character who engages in arguments for silly things. Further they will be involved in petty financial and unwanted issues.  

This type of person is often called Toxic Friend, because of such association one lands in trouble. The phrase Toxic friendships are those who make you feel exhausted emotionally and awful. Subsequently, they never contribute to building confidence, mental health and self-esteem. In fact these dysfunctional associations can also be precarious to one's well being.


Man is a social animal, but selfish people will highlight their views and cut others' point of view, they always perceive that they are right. Pretend to execute ideas better than others, by jeopardising others point of view and happiness to achieve the desired selfish goal at the cost of others, by firing from their shoulders. The self centric will be firm in pointing out the downside, such people act as well-wishers, finally their actions will be negative and unbeneficial, only creating frustration. Never be around such self centric people,   selfish people will never praise when others accomplish but feel jealousy and discomfort.


Bad tempered people will be in search of something or other, work, disorder or a mistake to express their anger for the pettiest reason. By associating with bad tempered people, there is always a fear engulfed in the presence of bad tempered people. No one can predict when such people will get angry, you will have no idea about the reason for their anger. This takes extensive energy and brain consuming to convince the bad-tempered, finally this is exhaustive.  

e.         MANIPULATOR

Manipulators have a hidden agenda, speak something in presence and speak precisely contradictory word at the back and act like they have decided. Importantly, in the initial stages one cannot make out the manipulator's concealed plan, they keep others believing that collective ideas are being taken care of, till the selfish motive is evident.


(i)       Not providing complete information about the task.

(ii)      Diversion- Divert the task by inculcating red herring principle (is intended   to be misleading or distracting).

(iii)     Shifting the blame on others.

(iv)     If proven, then trivialize (make appear less important).

(v)      Stereotyping (an over-generalized belief about a particular category of people).

The manipulators constantly drain the energy, to identify the manipulators one has to meticulously observe how they are dealing and treating others. Subsequently one fine morning manipulator will start manipulating everyone whenever they want to attain a manipulative objective.  Simultaneously, the manipulators will deceive you with similar conduct. One must stay away from manipulators for one’s well being.


There are people who always sketch in creating a conducive environment, the modus-operandi (habitual way of operating) is to find out ways to create a cheerful atmosphere, followed by detersive actions to generate negativity and gradually infecting others happiness. They will dry the energy, this evil tree will be spreading and bear negative fruits, it is better to keep distance from people creating discord and chaos.

2.        CONCLUSION

Take care of meticulous things in the realm of life’s journey, never talk about others behind their back. Abstain from sharing personal happenings with aforesaid personality, be firm about your decision and refuse it clearly.

Inform them the traits you don’t like and give a scope to improve. Never ever evolve with your hurt and taunt. If you borrow something, make an earnest attempt to return in assured time.

Correspondingly, don’t lessen your worth by going to meet anyone without intimation or un-invitation. Abstain from giving advice to anyone when not asked for and stop judging others.

Intelligent people discuss ideas, average people discuss the event and low minded only gossips. Sailing with such people is a waste of time and one does not learn anything new and grow with wisdom.

Furthermore, rather than hate, spread love instead and by doing so one can contribute to make the world a better place for future generations. Love makes everything lovely; hate concentrates itself on the one thing hated.

One might have distanced from someone, these characteristics’ might be a potential reason behind this, if one carries aforesaid traits, it is high time to transform your tendency without delay. If not, no sooner people will start keeping a distance from you and finally one will isolate.

Note: Admittedly, if someone’s better half (Husband/wife) has aforesaid characteristics, one has to compromise for the betterment of children or its individual’s prerogative to decide.

Comment on your experience and views.