The SDEG factor- who cares?

Smartphones are the smartest double edged gizmo (SDEG), we tend to carry out hours of research and comparison before we buy one, to fulfil our carnal desire and the ego subsides. In the initial days we keep SDEG like a princess and not allow children to sneak near and around, by doing so we induce curiosity. Subsequently the degree of precious possession descends as the days pass by; the smartphone is being thrown on the corner of the house. Here comes our hero who picks the phone and gradually becomes a slave of the SDEG. Unfortunately, the carnal desire for fine-tunes and fresh ego pops up, the destructive desire to have another SDEG. Once again the research is on, our child is gone.

Even though parenting was altogether a different ball game a few decades ago, the prevailing scenario is the busy parent immersed in social media, thrusts an old Smartphone (SDEG) on the children, to keep them betrothed. During the course of time the used old Smartphone turns into the ancestral property of the teen and the teens are connected with the absolute virtual world. No sooner the net pack or battery gets exhausted; the child’s hypertension is prevalent, further the parent laments that the child is indiscipline, without knowing that the child is in addiction. The repercussion is that as an adult engrossed with sibling rivalry they transform into introvert and paranoid Gen X” ?.

Let us comprehend the need to sustain our carnal desire and subside our ego, imbibe the values to live for others and stop digging graves for our children from the cradle! Let the decision makers wake up! Educate Parents and incorporate the menace of SDEG from school curriculum! Who cares?


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