Directing towards a livelihood is one of the decisive evolvement of one’s existence. Importantly this is a paramount decision, which keeps changing as we grow from child to teenager. At a tender age one gets influenced by movie characters’, subsequently dream of being Police a officer, a Pilot, a Military Warrior, Scientist, Actor and even thug at times.  But when one attains the time of decision making of a career they are unable to strike a balance between dream and prevailing hard truth.

The social responsibility to earn bread and butter, pressure from family to attain self respect in the society, comparison of peer growth creates enormous chaos and unrest. Importantly, pressure of comparing the unemployed with employed reaches to the peak and affects mental health. Certainly one cannot come to conclusive understanding, what is career interest all about? Subsequently, takes up whatever comes across him.   But the characterization of “good career” is vague and depends upon individual perspective. A career path to be chosen by one’s passion is in peril.

EXPECTATIONS: More than Self expectation, expectation by parents, friends, and society are the barriers one has to overcome and make conclusive decisions at the right age, this will enable one to have a clear vision about the future. 

PARENT: The parents who understand the value of education put their endeavor and lifetime earnings on children without being thoughtful and not the knowing importance of skills. Subsequently dream about their children’s future, that they will be selected by `Google’ in campus interview and picturise the transformation as projected in movie and plays - like alighting from a fancy car and with Ray Ban aviator sun glass on. Parents fail to analyze their children’s leadership traits, whether they are Born Leaders (Shri Subhash Chandra Bose, Dr BR Ambedkar), Thrusted Leader (like children of politicians and industrialists) and Acquired Leader (acquired leadership skills from others, like the author).

STUDENT : In most of the developing countries, the first time graduate keeps working hard to secure marks without understanding that mark sheets are just a paper, without understanding that  skills are going to determine the future.

PEER PRESSURE: The peer pressure is being mounted on parents by comparing with siblings, classmates, friends and relatives children. Importantly this distracts a child from focusing on inborn talents.

FINANCIAL BURDEN: The financial constraint derails the vision of the child and parents have to plan well in advance to cope with an excellent forecast.      

SKILLS: The skills are the paramount traits which transform the life, one having mere certificates will not fetch a job.  The most important skills are communicative and writing skills which transcend. The stakeholders, Government, Education Institutions, parents and the student must understand the importance of skill. The system must be streamlined and the stakeholders must be aware of exploring. What is the use of securing 95% marks, when a person can’t speak and write a single meaningful sentence? No organization needs liability, they only need assets (leaders to lead by effective communicative skills). Hence, it’s paramount to strike a balance between academics and skills. The ignorant parent laments to near and dear ones that their children are still unemployed after pursuing higher education.

INTELLIGENT QUOTIENT AND EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT : To attain Success, one has to possess IQ, but to retain one must have EQ.

BEGINNER’S CRISIS AND MID-LIFE CRISIS / MID-CAREER CRISIS: At one point of time in our life we have to face a certain junction or a cross-road which has major repercussions derived out of professional or personal crossroads. Obviously it is not freshers who are in a dilemma in deciding a career, but even human resources of thirty  years and above  face Mid-Life Crisis / Mid-Career Crisis. Prominently, when students face career predicament this can be termed as Beginner Crisis.


Google has opened tons of scope for online earning by sitting at home; explore watching videos in social media through smartphone (Gizmo).

EMPATHY: Job seekers, those who fall prey to online fraudsters get cheated, subsequently worsen their trouble and make their life more miserable. One has to be cautious and verify thoroughly before dealing with such elements. Fraudsters take credentials from online job portals and demand money for placement which is absolutely pseudo.

FUTURE PROSPECTS: A youngster must collectively take account of prevailing scenarios and meticulously evaluate the finest future prospects in the area of their interest, as well the endurance of that particular field in the competitive world for the next fifteen to twenty years. Moreover, the consequence of making a wise decision on the career will enable one to evade Mid-Life Crisis/Mid-Career Crisis, creating an environment of secure and stable life. The mass must be abreast with forthcoming boom in global phenomenon and keep updating the dynamic globalization for better career prospects.

CONCLUSION  (BEST JOB OPPORTUNITY)                                                                                                     

To conclude, job opportunity is a distant dream for those who don’t equip themselves with skills at the right moment, obliviously one has to face the Beginner Crisis and mid-life crisis/mid-career crisis. Importantly, the next generation must be inculcated with overall development to commence the journey of life, so that they bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be. Better to learn from others' mistakes rather than committing it, the wise world is in search of skill and not with certificates of papers. Better late than never, inculcate the importance of communicative skills to your children for the better tomorrow. Beware!  Be Googled!

Note: How to develop communicative and writing skills in a pragmatic way will be published in the near future.     

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