The most valuable invisible strength is time, “the human friend”, unfortunately we don't regard and respect the value of time. The importance of time is paramount, enormous and elaborate. Our actions demonstrate if one values the worth of time or not. The people who are not punctual and reverent for deadlines have seen the setback of not sensing the time. Importantly, the people are in the habit of completing the task in the eleventh hour and not comprehending the value of precious time. 

Unfortunately, one understands their lacuna but chooses to ignore the lesson learnt. Obviously, even though one wastes time and tends to do things in urgency, because initially one presumes they have enough time and postpones their work to the subsequent days. Ultimately, on the day of delivery, one goes totally out of control and finishes the assigned task in a hurry, finally somehow manages to complete their work below expected standard and confidence.


Ticking clock and time waits for none, life goes by and it goes swift. Importantly, don't waste your time and evolve with it. Subsequently, be terrified of sitting on the sidelines of doing nothing.  Merely waking up six days or six weeks or six years or sixty years and being not closer to your goal is in vain. Obviously, one makes no progress, this is the nightmare that should be fearsome of being idle. 


Hence, get up and move ahead, that idea is not going to execute on its own, that book is not going to write itself, those weights  in the gym are not going to move themselves. Undoubtedly,  one has done this movement, do not wait anymore, do not think anymore, do not plan any more, do not contemplate anymore, do not make any more excuses or justifications, do not rationalize anything else, no more waiting for  risk or gamble. 

Take the first step, take action now, no complacency, no backing off, no slack, whatsoever start dreaming, think meticulously, be specific. Unquestionably, what you are doing on the first day of the week and subsequent  week days is paramount. One  needs to be very precise  and place your puzzle in order. 

For this purpose one needs to be in momentum, time is running out of you, there's 86,400 seconds in a day that divides the wall between the frontrunner and the loser, this is what winners do with these seconds. Importantly  being too slow, too casual  and  thinking too much is going to drag you back. Furthermore, One needs to be brisk and flash up because there is an end of  one's life and it is approaching more rapidly than one thinks. Life sets off in a flash and at some point of time, it is going to be over and one needs to make a conscious deliberate determined effort. 

Subsequently, initiate living with sagacity of urgency and optimizing effective use of time.  Striving to contribute to others is  the primary purpose we were brought into this universe, because if one doesn’t waste valuable time and begin to live their lives as if each day is our last twenty four hours. 

Moreover , one's life will take on a whole new meaning, when one dies. Unquestionably, Life comes to end, no  idea or dream of yours should be left out without transitory to others before our soul  departs from this world. 

For this purpose, before one lives to heavenly abode, break all barriers and pen what you want to write, thrive to get everything out in your system, demonstrate one shot at the right gig. 


Life is so, do not wait, move forward no more waiting for the perfect moment, no more indecision and no more lies that take you back, jump out of a cradle, raise your feet on the ground, step forward. Admittedly, give every day everything you have got, every ounce of energy, every bead of sweat, every drop of blood until your last breath and do not let another day slip by you.


i.  The worth of time is relevant to every part of our life.

ii. By perceiving the value of time, one can evaluate the importance of effort.

iii. Dot valuing time can have disastrous consequences.

iv. Better understanding the value of time opens doors to success.

v.  The time once vanished can never be restored, hence it is precious.

vi. The significance of time is important to  approach which influences life.

One has the ability to save money, stocks, assets and lend, but unfortunately one cant execute any of the aforesaid actions with the invisible strength “TIME”, as this is a nonrenewable resource which can never be undone. Hence, to learn the value of time and evolve, to manage time effectively is the only tool to triumph.