Social media has impeccable influence on people around the globe for personal as well as to carry out business. The dependence on the internet and social media has become inseparable, subsequently tremendously affecting our lives. Social media being a public platform, anyone, including news agencies can post whatever they want (Including Fake news/articles) without being unaccountable and fact-checked. Most of the time it is the prerogative of users to differentiate misinformation vs disinformation in one's feed.

Importantly, without knowing that everyone is not going to be happy for you, people fictitiously project a happy married life, advertise children’s achievements, luxurious purchases and trips. Notably, most of the "Nice" comments are just fake and God only knows who is storing pictures, checking updates and their intentions. Further, drawing the evil eyes of the public into our personal life, this leads to ruin personal life and career.


Social means interacting with one another to exchange information.

Media is a platform of communication through the internet and television.

Hence, Social media is an internet based communication apparatus which to enables interact, communicate and exchange views/information between the users.



Conversations on social media are often repercussions of the planned scheme offline and meticulously executed with a mechanism to spread communal hatred and subsequently spreading violence. Further sharing preplanned online conversations is not restricted to a small group of people but to the region as a hole. This menace can be created by either disinformation or misinformation.


Disinformation is click-bait headlines, hoaxes and fabricated reports created to deliberately intend to deceive the public. Importantly without verifying the veracity of information being shared to people and incite emotional response which is very dangerous and destructive.


Misinformation is false or misleading content, conspiracy theories and satire. Notably, misinformation is not intended to be spread deliberately to deceive. Whereas, the main aim of misinformation is to shape or change public opinion/perception on a given topic. Paid Political propaganda is often carried out by misinformation to attain the desired target by instigating and indoctrination of fresh minds. Journo- mercenaries are the tool used by unfair politicians.


Social media has evolved as an obstacle to social-emotional connection. Importantly, to express wishes to near and dear ones on special occasions have been limited to textual messages through social media. These trends have resulted in a lack of personal feelings and connection. 

Gone are those days when people planned in advance to visit one’s place to convey wishes and greetings on auspicious days. Notably people find it easy to fulfill the formalities by sending a mere text message and undoubtedly the emotions and feelings cannot be felt. Hence social media has liquefied inter-connection among people.


In the recent past social media has diminished real time inter-personal relationship between buddies and relations

Electronic communication has destroyed quick-witted skill as one takes their own time to think and respond. Subsequently, this has created adverse effects on mental health. The repercussions are knowingly and unknowingly dilution in the degree of love, care, friendship, joy, peace and empathy.


The pathetic situation is people often use social media platforms to hurt others by trolls, biased feedback, abuse, uninvited advances towards ladies, negative comments and grant emotional pain to people who they have never met or known. If one posts a right point of view without the intention to hurt others this also dealt absurdly, such unethical actions lead to discord in families and friend circles.


In the prevailing scenario when a gathering or an outing takes place, it is dishearten to see everyone is engrossed in their respective Smartphone and disengaged with one and another.  This attitude is an extension of solitary confinement in public and gives birth to discord.


One needs to present physically to understand their expression and feelings.  The written communiqué can convey different meanings until one is not able to understand their circumstance and mental condition. Social media has substituted real-time face to face interaction. The virtual world distraction has weakened the understanding and thoughtfulness of the young generation.


Gone are the times when people used to spend quality time with respective family members. Notably, sitting together in a close circuit as a family, having meals together, participating in celebration and viewing television as a family is a distant dream, as each one of the family members are impressed by their own Smartphone’s.

Social media has been an obstacle to sharing quality time among the family members and has reduced the involvement, love, affection and closeness. Rather in the recent past people love to be alone with their smartphone and expect no one should disturb them.


The prevalence of digital forums and social media, sharing of photos, posts, contents and comments are being viewed by acquaintances as well as strangers. The information being shared by individual’s online, especially mean, hurtful and negative content is a permanent social record of one’s views, attitude, activities and behavior.

This information shared in social media is manifestation of an online reputation, these details are accessible to education institutions, employers and other online fraudsters examine individual’s details to carry out Cyber bullying. Subsequently, these will harm them mentally and destroy their reputation.

In the recent past children have been targeted by cyber bullying. The stalkers create fake accounts and terrorize the innocence of children and their weaknesses.  Subsequently, cyber bullying has resulted in suicides, anxiety, depression and mental health issues.

CYBER STALKING is the use of the internet or other electronic means, to harass and intimidate a selected victim by making their lives unbearable and induce threat. The stalkers will track location and monitor their online and real-world activities using Geo-location spyware on their phones and obsessively track victims' whereabouts through social media. Hence, one should never accept friend requests from strangers and keep the social media account secured. 


Hacking is a very trendy threat of social media where hackers use it to hack a person’s account and other data. Hacking results in serious financial and classified data loss.

Undoubtedly, it is suggested that everyone must keep their social privacy settings updated and keep their profile locked to avoid such untoward incidents in life.


One has the impulse to check a Smartphone for notifications and messages now and then from the time one wakes up till going off to sleep. Social media sprouts enormous distractions and diminishes our output and sucks valuable time. People who are busy with social media are always making an attempt to draw the attention of the community to attain the maximum number of followers and jeopardize one's capabilities and strength to achieve greater things in life. These categories of people seldom forget the importance of refreshment, daily entertainment and peace of mind 


Social Media induces laziness, as people sit long hours on a couch, busy using mobile phones. Importantly this leads to major health issues like fatigue, obesity, blood pressure, strain and stress. 


Social media has turned out to be an addiction, especially among youth. They are spending their whole day with their Smartphone. This addiction has ruined their lives leading to serious issues and negative repercussions. Subsequently, waste their productive energy and time on social media rather than studies.


The new trend is people started searching for love, dating and better half on social media platforms. To be precise most of such accounts are fake and they have mala fide intentions. If incase such things materialize this leads to unhealthy relationships leading to betrayal, separation and divorce. The teens and youngsters seeing the fake profile picture get infatuated, subsequently get distracted in all walks of life and make negative decisions in the long run.


 The rise of social media has put a barrier for one to one engagement and condenses real time interaction. The adult as well as the young generation indulge more time in social media in the long run and they fail to develop interpersonal relationship skills and personality.


The extensive use of social media has amplified the number of cyber crimes. Cybercrime is real-life crime committed on a social media platform. Knowingly or unknowingly sharing extensive personal details on social media gives ample scope to cyber criminals to commit cyber crime. Hence, there is absolutely no privacy inspite of all security measures being adhered to. 


 The extensive use of abbreviations and slangs on social media has derailed the development of writing skills. The short cut is being used in personal conversation too, subsequently impeding them from developing the vocabulary.  In the long run this will pave the way to fade away the native tongue and ancient languages.  


 Importantly the Social media obsession is very harmful as one tends to sit hours together without any real-life interaction. This will not only be harmful to eyes but also affect mental health. The showoff lifestyle on the internet encourages alcohol, smoking and drug abuse by glorifying the terms such as “ALL COOL PEOPLE DO DRUGS.” These kinds of provoking statements adversely influence the youngster to be a part of it. 


 The people who serve in the military and dealing with government sensitive information must abstain from social media. If at all one is in social media they should not disclose details of their profession. Especially posting profile pictures in uniform must be strictly avoided.  The enemy agents will try to befriend to extract information. These measures are applicable to corporate spying.

 The enemy agents will use honey traps (by means of ladies) to collect information by enticing. Subsequently, use social media to subvert the minds of soldiers by rumor mongers spreading rumors (Subversion). 



 a) Does the account that shared the post have emotional or professional stakes in these claims?

 b) What is the content asking you to focus on?

 c) Is this information reasonable?

 d) Is it reputable or does it cite reputable sources?

 f) Why is it valuable to the account that shared it?            


 Social media is transforming into one of the most destructive elements of society, arguably if not monitored and taken into account this can lead to grave consequences.

 In the recent past social media invades one's privacy like never before. Notably, oversharing on social media makes children vulnerable to predators, hackers and cyber bullying.  Hence, especially sharing by children and youngsters on social media must be supervised and monitored round the clock. One must avoid the projection of a happy marriage to advertise children’s achievements, luxurious purchases and trips on social Media.

 Nowadays the addition of social media has become quite common amongst the youth due to lockdown and pandemic. The addiction will manifest in their academic performance as they waste their valuable time on social media instead of concentrating on studies.

Understanding and educating will enable them to accesses disinformation and misinformation to abstain from unethical acts and maintain social media etiquette. Subsequently, transform them to be responsible and peace loving citizens.

 In short, social media is a double edged sword one must know how to use at the end. Moreover, when one uses it in the right manner then it never hampers work or life. Further social media facilitates productivity in one’s life by opening doors for creativity, healthy environment and inculcating positivity.

 The youth must know to strike a balance between their academics, physical activities and handling social media. The parents must set an example and spend quality time with their wards.


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