Whenever one observes social media about their friend's posts, their life seems perfect, they live in a gorgeous house, rewarding career and their family enjoys adventure weekend trips. I am sure they will take a professional photographer with them. Regardless whatever they do or where they are, the complete family just looks gorgeous.

They try to manifest how blessed they are, how grateful they are for the life that they have. Importantly we get a feeling that they are not saying those things for the sake of social media but they truly mean, but no one knows the truth underneath.

Notably, how many of us have such friends and how many don’t like such friends at times. Most of us do and it's too hard to abstain from such thoughts.   


Our negative habits will cost us seriously. When we scroll through social media feeds our eyes roll over, subsequently one gets hurt. Undoubtedly, envying our friends' postings leads to depression and one tends to give fake positive comments and this is a trap set for by mind through the smartphone.

Notably complaining about boss and gaze about friends. Subsequently lament about their fortune and one cant motivate thinking that way. One feels for a moment and further this will be exhaustively eroding one's mental strength. 


The destructive beliefs take away one's effectiveness and deprive our mental strength.


One tends to feel remorseful for themselves. When something bad occurs it is ok to be sad. Misery is self-pity goes beyond that, when one starts to magnify their misfortune. Notably, one thinks about why things happen to them only.  Such preoccupied thought sucks the thinking process and keeps one focused on the problem rather than finding a solution. Most of us are good at transforming somebody’s life better but cannot do the same to overcome our problems.

The unhealthy beliefs arise as one is uncomfortable with their feelings. Further erase uncomfortable feelings like hurt, angry, sad, hurt and scared.

SUGGESTIONS: Importantly, temporary distractions will not remove unhealthy beliefs about us. Subsequently temporary measures will prolong the pain, the only way one has to go through uncomfortable emotions without withholding, to attain confidence is one’s ability to deal with unhealthy beliefs about ourselves.


The other destructive belief that holds one back is, one presumes that other people can control them and subsequently offer their authority. Fortunately as an adult one has the right to be determined if one focuses on consequences then one cannot be a conqueror. Unhealthy beliefs about others arise because one compares themselves to other people. Undoubtedly, one thinks that they are either above or below someone. Subsequently presume that others can control how they feel or behave. Further blame some for holding them back.

SUGGESTIONS: It is an individual choice to do anything in life and accept that you're your own person and others are separate from you. The only person one should compare is the person that one was yesterday, not anybody else to have healthy beliefs. 


The unhealthy beliefs about the world hold you back. One thinks that the world owes us something. The preconceived thought is if one works hard then they deserve success.  But one cannot expect success to fall on their lap like cosmic reward, obviously such thought will lead to deep disappointment. In the long run it is very difficult to give up a negative mentality lifestyle and get rid of unhealthy understanding. Which is being carried for a long period of time, sooner or later, one is going to hit a time in life where one needs the entire mental strength that one can muster to face life.

SUGGESTIONS: The unhealthy beliefs about the world arise deep down as one expects the world to be fair. One expects goodness to come to them for their good action/deeds and subsequently preserve tough times for being content.

Ultimately, one has to accept that life is not fair to be liberated from one’s problem. Hence it is not mandatory to be rewarded for one’s goodness and one is doomed to keep suffering. The world does not work that way and the world is what one creates. Undoubtedly before one attempts to transform the world one has to strongly believe that they can change it.


List out those bad habits one does time and again that keeps one stuck and reading again and again to analyze whether one really needs to carry it.

Keep in mind the mental strength is always the same. If one needs to be mentally strong, practice good habits like gratitude. One has Identify the bad mental habits and unhealthy beliefs, which are holding back from being mentally strong.

Moreover one needs to give up the bad habit of resenting somebody else's success, which often holds back.

One must train the brain to think differently and give up those negative mental habits which were carried around. Unquestionably, start countering those unhealthy beliefs with healthier ones.  

Finally one has to believe that she/he could change the world and undoubtedly one must evolve to possess mental strength to transform the mighty world. Certainly give up dreadful mental habits and start with a small positive step.

If one examines their own life journey, this will teach us the secrets of being mentally strong. Notably, mental strength is more or less like physical strength and if one wants to be physically strong, then one needs to go to the gym and train with weights.

Undoubtedly to see better results one has to give up eating junk food. Admittedly developing mental strength, positive thinking and positive attitude is paramount and practice gratitude to prevail to achieve mental strength. One small positive step right now could take you in the right direction.

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