Importantly, from birth to age of six is the most critical period of early childhood, this has been medically proven to be the most precarious phase that sets for a child’s development and learning course. Ninety percent of brain development occurs in the first six years of life. The emotional and physical health, social skills, and cognitive-linguistic capacities that emerge in the early years are all significant basics for accomplishment in school and later in the workplace and society.  

Importantly, children need responsive care during the critical early years, subsequently, sprouts stimulation to develop their emotional and social skills. Hence, it is imperative that early childhood education is mandatory for the development of children and Nation as a whole.  


Whereas every educational institution around the world was shut down in the first quarter of 2020 and most of them moved online to ensure continued learning during the Pandemic. Millions of children in the age group of one to five years have lost out on early childhood care and learning at dedicated education institutes leading to impede their continual development.  Importantly, closures of school will lead to considerably adverse outcomes for youngsters. Closing schools exposes children to multiple risks. Admittedly, children will suffer from extensive learning losses due to schools being closed for prolonged periods. The repercussion in the long run is, adverse impact on mental and physical health.   

In contrast, on re-opening of educational institutions, the impact on adolescents depending upon gender, age and socio-economic status, it will be difficult to cope up with learning losses, surprisingly to some, it may be permanent loss. Conversely, children meticulously rely upon schools on psychosocial support, health service and nutrition.   

Notably, several pre-school shifted to online classes to offer continued learning. Subsequently, a certain segment of parents voiced their concerns about the surge in the time being spent watching the smartphone/PC screen and its repercussions on young children.  Consequently, a certain section of parents did not enroll their children into an online program.    


Although there is evidence that spending a long period in front of a screen can impact children. The effect of ‘zero learning year’ on a child’s long-term development is more harmful and can cause a multiplier effect on the child's future.    


Correspondingly, descending in physical activity of children has enormously affected mental and physical health. This unseen evil has been a major cause of obesity, unscheduled sleeping pattern, stress and anxiety of being caged. Admittedly, too much viewing of mobile screens has adversely affected eye sight of child to youngster by and large.     


Subsequently, parents of toddlers are quite worried about their children losing out on learning and believe that it is very important to keep a child’s education proceeding during this pandemic. Admittedly, quite a few have enrolled their child in some practice of learning like online or home schooling, by removing the impediment of continuity in children's education.   

Mention to be made, the parent who took up an online format in 2020-21 for their children, has been a viable near zero-learning year. Although, academic learning is being somewhat managed and learning outcomes are being addressed to an extent. Notably, parents are also apprehensive about their child’s social and physical development.   


To conclude, children of the economically weaker section of the society have been absolutely uprooted. They don’t have basic aids like smartphones, Personal Computers or laptops and internet connectivity. The lockdown is still persisting around the world, the economic condition and basic amenities are deteriorating day by day. Admittedly, the government and stakeholders must take adequate steps to address the issue at the earliest.  

Parents must understand the mental health of their children and deal meticulously, subsequently guiding them with love and care. Consequently, insecurity about future progression of higher studies will be lingering in the minds of youngsters. Hence, not to force them by terrorizing their thinking process and creating an unconducive environment inside your residence.  


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