(Former Air warrior of Indian Air Force, Chief Editor of The Students Timeline)

I express my gratitude to the vivid readers around the globe. My perspective about the art of writing is an apt usage of words and phrases. Importantly this manifolds the scope to attain the purpose of communique and enables to reach multitudes with greater impact. I had inculcated the art of writing based on ABCRL principle (Accuracy, Brevity, Coherence, Relevance and Logical with subject) during impeccable twenty years (1992 to 2012) service in Indian Air Force. Subsequently, my organization gave me ample scope to master the art of corresponding to higher formation of Sister Services and Civil Authorities, subjects encompassing Administration, Finance, Management, Inspection, Liaison, Human Resource, formulation of various Policy and drafting SOP’s, compiling and creative scripting of International exercise. Further, with five years of being Directing Staff and Teaching Cadets, paved enormous disclosure in art of writing, this dexterity enunciated me to transform into news architect and creative writer for student’s development, parenting, people and lifestyle. The imbibed skills enabled to facilitate in improvising review of literature, formulation of questionnaire, findings, suggestion, conclusion and proofreading and editing for M.Phil and PhD students of Management and Arts discipline.


This initiative is being taken up to be associated with keen readers around the world, subsequently to channelize the life experience for personal understanding and transform the events into impactful comprehensive development. I strongly believe in pragmatic hopes, no job is completed unless documentation is done! My competence is to write with fresh ideas and style with apt words in stipulated period. I personally feel cajoled to take up challenging tasks, as I rely on my experience gained in my impeccable journey. Subsequently, I am enthusiastic to contribute my skills to underprivileged students and parents around the globe, as a complimentary service to manifest social responsibility. Importantly, feel free to contact me through [email protected] to have meticulous views about insight being published in www.muralimervicsignet.com.

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