In the prevalent social order in our country, domestic violence is prominent and flaming. Obliviously this menace is persisting in all walks of the life and being erupting intensely right at entrance of our residence. Moreover, in our country behind closed doors of homes, people are being tormented, besieged, man handled and killed each and every moment. The occurrence of domestic violence is prevalent in rural areas, towns, cities and in metropolitans as well. Subsequently this menace has deep root in all community, class, gender, races and age groups. Undoubtedly the legacy of domestic violence is being passed from the time immemorial. Obviously “ young brides being tortured for dowry (money)”, “ girl child  succumbs to injuries infuriated  by parents”, “A seventy year old women being  killed over property dispute”,.

Importantly, when we turn on the news media, one would find the reports of violence in various forms, throughout the country. Besides there are occurrence of numerous cases which are not being reported. In fact, this embraces the cases in which self-indulgence or to the ones which we are witness in the society, but we are reluctant in taking single step to curb the menace of occurrence of domestic violence.

Indeed engulf with predicament of violence within our dwelling is amounting to domestic violence, the hardest truth is the menace is being infuriated to those who are close a relationship (wife, husband, son, daughter, mother, father, grandparent, maid, and other family member). It can be a male’s or a female’s atrocities towards one and another, being a victim and a victimizer. In contrast this violence recuperates to various forms of domestic violence amounting to physical, sexual or emotional.


Since times immemorial, domestic violence has been an intrinsic part of our society, we are living in. In addiction the factors contributing could be the aspiring to gain dominance over another family member, the quest to exploit someone for personal benefits, flare the ego to be in an authoritative position to showcase one’s supremacy. On different occasion, psychosomatic evils and social manipulation are also ingredients of vehemence. The present study deals with the various forms of domestic violence prevalent in our country. Their root causes for the occurrence of domestic violence in households have been analyzed emphatically. The variation in the degree of violence, with change in the geographical region and culture has also been addressed. With the juxtaposition of facts and figures in hand, the repercussion of various kinds of domestic violence and the possible remedies have to be dealt meticulously to make this world better place to rejoice, rejuvenate, reckon  and  reside.