Physical exercise is one of the most important integral ingredients of life. Prominently, the public is in misconception that pumping up a muscular body is a manifestation of good health. A human has youthfulness for a certain period of time, subsequently during this period one has greater freedom in life to do whatever they want. As time passes by, the social responsibility and work schedule is engrossed in life.

Visiting a gymnasium and lifting weights to build a body is a dream come true for every youngster, but physical fitness gained by ground exercise enables one to build stamina in the long run. Notably, when one stops weight exercise the stiffness in the muscles loosen and one tends to get overweight. One gets out of what they put in, exercise is not magic or one can’t workout hours together, undoubtedly one has to work smart.

Notably, all exercises are not created in par, some are more efficient than others. The most important features of exercise are one must know whether they are targeting multiple muscle groups or a wide variety of fitness. Notably this will enable us to understand how much calories are burned effectively. The most important ground exercise are enumerated below.


Jogging is one of the most prevalent exercises which one can do anywhere and anytime with a pair of shoes. Jogging is a cardiovascular exercise, which strengthens the heart and burns calories. This is very important for beginners and this is the best workout. The distance of jogging can be accessed as per age and fitness. The advantages of Jogging are that it strengthens muscles, reduces obesity, enables one to stay trim and fit, aids one for better decision making process by rejuvenating the  brain, removes stress, prevents diabetes, burns calories and bad toxins are flushed out from the body.

Note: Jogging increases internal stamina more than weight exercise, a bodybuilder can’t run a Kilometer. Weight exercise is a showoff and ground exercise is invisible strength.


Squats exercise is essential for strengthening muscular fitness. Subsequently, a strength-training exercise strengthens various multiple muscle groups of quadriceps and hamstrings. The procedure one performs makes exercise functional, keeping a feet shoulder-width apart, back straight bending knees and lower rear. One should be as much possible to remain over the ankle. 

The mid age knee pain is the reason for quadriceps weakness, by and large strengthening quads at young age  by squats will enable them to have strong quadriceps to sustain old age.


Lunges are great exercise which strengthens all lower body muscles like hamstrings, gluteal [rear-end muscles] and quadriceps. Lunges exercises are a bit more advanced than squats, this enables one to improve one’s balance. 

To do lunges take a full-size step forward by keeping the spine in a neutral position. Then bend the front knee to approximately ninety degrees by focusing on placing body weight on the back toes. Further, dropping the knee of the back leg towards the ground then changing the legs.


Push-ups are one of the vital exercises for the upper body. Doing in a correct procedure  the push-up will strengthen the shoulders, chest, triceps, and core trunk muscles, all at one time. Beauty of Push-ups is that this exercise can be carried out at any level of fitness from beginner to expert.

A perfect push-up can be carried out by face-down position by placing hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and placing toes or knees on the floor. Then make an attempt to create a perfect diagonal from the shoulders to the knees or feet. Importantly, keep the abdomen and gluteus [rear-end muscles] engaged. Then simultaneously lower and lift the body by bending and by straightening elbows and keeping your torso firm throughout the procedure. To be honest try to do T-stabilization push-ups at initial stages of doing exercise.


Humans of all age groups desire to have flat abs, abdominal crunches performed in a correct procedure with variation will give a tremendous result to the abs.

To do a standard crunch, one must lie on your back and with feet flat on the floor. Simultaneously, fingertips supporting one's head then press the low back down. Further start the contracting abdomen by peeling the head (tucking your chin slightly), shoulder, neck, and upper back, off the floor.

One must be careful not to pull the neck forward by sticking the chin out and not holding breath then keep elbows out of line of vision to maintain the chest and shoulders open.

Abdominal crunches are an excellent exercise, if one does inappropriately with the back arching, this will lead to weakening of the abdominal.

One should keep in mind a flat stomach can’t be attained by doing abdominal crunches alone, belly fat burning requires the well-known procedure, one has to burn more  calories than one consumes in.


A pull-up is an upper body strength training exercise, this is considered advanced exercise and more difficult than chin-up. One has to perform pull-ups by hanging onto a bar with one's palm facing away and body extended fully.  Then pull-up until the chin is just above the bar. Subsequently, pull-ups are different from a chin-up, whereas in chin-up, palms and hands face towards self while holding the bar.

Moreover, whether one is new to exercise or an advanced athlete, pull-ups can still be beneficial for everyone.

One can try variations on pull-ups, like assisted pull-ups for beginners, with knees bent for intermediates or even with a weight belt around legs for advanced.

Some of the benefits of pull-up variations are strengthening the back muscles, arm and shoulder muscles and improving grip strength and fitness level.


Walking is another best option for those who cannot jog. One must not commence walking hours together in the beginning. The beginners should start walking for five to ten minutes at a time and gradually touching up to at least thirty minutes per session.

Tip: Notably, it is healthier to lengthen walks before boosting speed or incline.


In spite of being a beginner or exercise expert adding Interval training to cardiovascular workout will enhance fitness and enable one to lose weight.

Importantly, varying the pace during the exercise session will stimulate the aerobic energy system to adapt (aerobic energy system is using oxygen to produce energy, this energy is stored and used for longer periods while doing exercise at a low intensity). The capacity to burn more calories depends upon the aerobic energy system one possesses.

The procedure is to thrust the intensity or pace for a minute or two, then rest anywhere from two to ten minutes depending upon workout time and continue this procedure throughout the workout.


The aforesaid exercise is an excellent and efficient choice for building strength and stamina. Further well executing with good technique will benefit over the period of time. Unfortunately, poor form of exercise will strain the various intended areas and subsequently can hurt rather than evolve.

If it is admissible as a beginner, seek advice from free fitness trainers on social media. Admittedly a proper balanced diet is to be taken for faster improvement. In teenagers if one does heavy weight exercise they will have adverse effects on the height and once one ceases to discontinue the weight exercise they tend to put on more body weight.

Tip: If one is not interested in doing ground exercise, playing sports of one’s interest is the best option.

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