Undoubtedly my innermost voice, I do not want to be used by my Smartphone and fall prey to the addictive algorithms of social media platforms any longer.

What I want is to devour real life and take everything that it has to offer. The daily wonders and adventures that are awaiting me.

I do not want one to like my pictures on social media and I do not expect anybody’s approval for the same.

What I long for is to indisputably be in love with myself, when I look in the mirror on the bad days as well as on the good days.

I do not want to be in need of social media to remind me to think positive and rejuvenate my innermost thoughts.


What I want is to generate positivity myself on a regular basis and realize my own power within.

Importantly, I do not want to follow my friends online and I do not want to observe the pictures to perceive what is going on in their lives.

What I want is for them to tell me in person, how crazy they have been up to lately. What is going on in their intellect, which dreams they are trying to chase at the moment ? what qualms them and all the other things that I could never guess from the ostentatious social media pictures?

Obviously, I do not want to stare at all the spectacular places online that others travel to, seeing it through their various lenses and filters.

What I want is to go out and explore everything that awaits when I leave my phone at home and throw myself into the world and its spectacular adventures.

By and large, I do not want to notice captivating nature pictures on social media and I also do not want to see too many pictures of what we have shattered already on Planet. 

What I would like is to go to the hamlet nearby, breathe in that clean and  fresh air, feeling grounded and be grateful for what is around me.


Obviously, I do not want to kill time on social media because of my boredom or I have the feeling that I must be abreast with what is cooking there, because at the end of the day it could not be more irrelevant.

What I want is to call or spend time with my family, parents, brother, grandmas and friends instead, subsequently talk to them about things that really matter.

I do not want to scroll through pictures of astonishing homes, cute dogs and perfect looking family lives.

What I want is to take a leap of reliance and build the life that I wish for myself, our children's without any impedance  of my mind.

I do not want to be a part of the attention seeking social platforms that make one  addicted, subsequently they don’t even look up from their phone anymore even while walking on the road.

What I want is to be the person who gives you, even though you are a stranger an honest smile, when I am passing you by on the street, which others are not able to notice, since their  eyes are fixed on their Smartphone.

I don’t want to share pictures of my private life anymore on superficial platforms because people won’t ever be able to see the whole unrecognizable story within and what those specific moments mean to me.

What I desire is to  live my life in the most promising way, share existent moments with people in real life, without the intent of clicking pictures for the sake of showing them online or for that matter. Importantly not taking pictures at all and instead being completely lost in the moment (Here and Now).


I don’t want to be obsessed and stressed out by social media feeds that constantly tell me about all the things I could do and should do and be left with the guilt that there is no sufficient  time  to possibly do them.

What I want is to believe in my own journey, knowing that whatever breathtaking things I am meant to experience, I will experience, because God makes everything beautiful in his time.

I don’t want social media to make me consider whether I need to watch or buy that to be happy because, in the end I still feel discontented after seeing the best in its class.

I don’t want to over cloud my mind with all this input that just gets more and more, leaving me insatiable while taking up too much space in my head.


What I want is to meet my own needs, decide what is best for me, recognize myself as my own best life coach and know that what really makes me happy is already within  me and I am grateful to God for that.

What I want to present myself is liberty and space for freedom to not think, independence to think, space to do whatever I feel like doing judiciously, space to craft with my hands and space to just be.

I don’t want to evolve in the Fear of missing out (FOMO).

What I want to imbibe and experience is the Courage to take risks (CTTR).

I don’t want to inspire people online.

What I strongly desire is  to inspire everyone offline.

I do not  want to rely on social media platforms anymore.

What I want are real-life experiences.


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