The children are being pampered from time immoral, raised to live in a dissimilar world than the rest of mass. In the prevalent world of smartphones, a pampered child is like a parasite, alive in indulgences of the parent’s ignorance and being unaware of the repercussions. There are several requisites to manifest pampering, like spoiling or overindulging. Importantly, parents don’t know the consequence of pampering children and the complexity that will arise later in life for these children. The definitions of the pampering type vary, subsequently depending on parenting styles. The parents who do not want to pamper their child, but their external and internal influence leads to pampering. Finally, the outcome is erosion of a child’s ability to associate with the cause and effect of parenting, further inadequately groomed children to handle life situations.

Comparatively, one must learn to strike a balance between aversive (making someone feel a strong dislike for something or making them to do it) and appetitive control (ncontrol over specific people) of children. Subsequently this is paramount to elucidate corresponding negative effects of rewarding children. 

 Mention to be made that the little emperor/empress syndrome has risen due to single child policy. Negatively, this syndrome has given birth to single child cosseting and an ample scope is given to be willful LITTLE AUTOCRAT and consistently treat parents with easygoing contempt.


OVER INDULGENCE: Tend to give children whatever they want and parents do the tasks that children should be doing for themselves.

OVER PERMISSIVE: The parents are reluctant to impose limits to their children and bypassing the concept of keeping them under control

OVER DOMINEERING:  Parents thrust their will arrogantly on the children and impede from developing decision making skills.

OVER NURTURE: Parents being too responsive and too involved in children’s day to day lives, subsequently being a barrier to develop skills to take care of themselves.  These children do not bother to consider others' needs.

OVER PROTECTIVE:  Overprotective parents manifest guard behavior, subsequently this hampers children’s developmental and be focused round the clock to keep their children safe emotionally and physically.


ADDICTION: Children will become addicted to reward, this will lead them not to do anything without reward.

DEVALUATION: During course of time the rewards are no more surprising, the children will take it for granted that they will be rewarded as expected and subsequently the zeal to receive will deteriorate.

RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK: Children focus more on completing the assigned task, instead of learning with passion and acquiring knowledge. This will have a very adverse effect on the end result as they focus on finishing rather than understanding.

MANIPULATE AND CONTROL: At point of time,  children will start sensing that they are being manipulated and controlled by rewarding them. Further knowingly or unknowingly one teaches the children how to manipulate parents and their realm.

MOUNTING PRESSURE: The parents imbibe pressure in children by excessive amounts of praise and applause. Importantly, greater the fall the children will not be able to strike balance between the failure and expectations.

BRIBES: The margin between reward and bribe is very thin. If parents exhibit power by controlling their children by reward, they are accomplices in the greater evil of mankind as one uses rewards as bribes.

Importantly, the pampered child shortly transforms into a demanding child and a tyrant (an absolute ruler). The pampered child takes everything for granted and finally does nothing to attain what they want. The repercussions of pampering a child are tantrums, pouting, sulking, reluctant to do academic tasks and ablutions. The study part suffers because the child can’t strike balance between efforts with results, this imbibed evil traits impeding them from putting effort on studies as the outcome will take prolonged time, subsequently not yield instantaneous reward.

Further create countless tactics on a day to day basis to dominate parents and to attain their endless needs and demands. Pampering eventually leads to the birth of tyranny (dictatorship).

Most of the parents sacrifice hard earned money to provide for the development of children throughout life. The outcome of permissive and  self-abasing parenting will not be obligatory either to the parents or to the children. 

The pampered child grows up to be an adult and treats their own children selfishly. Such social evils are self centric by only focusing on them and not on their children. Obliviously, the ultimate paradox of pampering leads to narcissistic (inflated sense of their own importance) parenting in which the children are losers. The aforesaid traits will affect the matrimonial life of the pampered adult in due course of time.


A combination of indulgent parents and ever more demanding children is producing a generation of ill-mannered brats. Importantly, we are storing up major problems for the future if we don't change our approach to parenting.

Parents must learn to say no to their children and a teen must imbibe to do basic chores to sustain them. Consequently, one should not play dirty politics by comparing skills between children and should not be violent with pampered teens. Parents must deal with them with love and empathy as love overcomes anything and everything.

Influences create effective parenting without pampering. Importantly, develop your children so that they cannot have everything at the appointed time as desired by them. Teach them to save pocket money to buy things they want. Subsequently be firm and not  give into the tyranny of tantrums demanding children.

Furthermore, one is going to transform and do a big favour to the next generation when one declines to pamper. You are teaching them to grow to be responsible adults. Consequently, merely providing good education will not enable a child to be successful and content, but imbibing good character will enable children to be better human to the family and society as whole. As a result, one good decision will give the best life for your children. Better late than never “STOP PAMPERING START PRUNING”, LET YOUR PARENTING BE VISIBLE STRENGTH.


Grand Parents - Society- Social Media – Television – Smartphone - Social Pressure - Relatives.

Note: When parents misbehave with their parents in presence of their children, this will dig grave for them. Don’t engrave the future!

Part-2- Further scope of “CHILD PAMPERING: THE INVISIBLE EVIL (Ultimate Paradox)” PAMPERING BY EDUCATION INTUITIONS encompassing Leader Badge, Activity, Participation, Dealing with child, Compassion, Insulting, without understanding child potential, Nepotism to complete the work easily.