Small Business is the best swing towards progress and elevates one to greater heights. Most of the people cross the threshold of small scale business with the desire to establish and grow. Importantly very few succeed and rest fail miserably due to not understanding the basic ethos and structure of running a business. The personal experience and enthusiastic observation is being enunciated for better tomorrow, further contributing to self and national growth respectively.

The foremost important mania is where one is going to commence the business, which is the most important factor to establish and creative growth of small scale business! There are four types of human movements in socio culture, which one has to picturise to recognize the impact on business.


a) VERY FAST-MOVING CROWD: These are the places where the movements of people are very swift, their movement will be above sixty kilometer speed. If one establishes a business on highway without ample parking facility, failing to draw attraction from a distance without placing Indication and direction board before few kilometers, the scope of drawing very fast moving crowd and their safety is in jeopardy

b) FAST-MOVING CROWD: These are the places where the movements of people are above 30 kilometer speed. Reasonable parking is paramount for pulling the customer.

c) SLOW MOVING CROWD These are the places where the movements of people are about ten kilometer speed. Realistic parking is mandatory for pulling the customer.

d) WALKING CROWD: These are the places where the movements of people are by walk, especially marketplace. It is always better that one establishes a small scale business in an area of walking crowd, this creates opportunity to analyze and walk-in to have glance and choices at ease. The barrier of parking and insecurity are profoundly removed.


ANCESTRAL: These types of startups are carried out with ancestral accumulation of funds, most of the time such entities are started with blessing, experience and backup of family members. The element of insecurity is minimal as they are aware of wholesome business processes and risk to be faced.

IN-LAWS: The funds being funded in-laws family without understanding the barrier, repercussion and talents of Son-in-law. Importantly this has limitations and insecurity to establish and prove in the short run.

BORROWED: The total capital is raised by borrowing from unorganized financial sectors or individuals especially at a high rate of interest. Subsequently, not planning to cater for forthcoming contingency, the collapse of the business will be always pestering one’s mind.

HYPOTHECATIONThe capital is being generated by obtaining loans from government and private banks. Unfortunately, this is the toughest structure of generating funds, for being a herculean task to fulfill the meticulous details required by the bank. Subsequently, this is the best and safest way of sourcing the capital for a layman.

EARNED:  When one saves money over the period of time and plans well in advance.

RENTAL/OWN PREMISESThe burden of monthly rental must be taken into consideration, as this is an unavoidable recurring expense. Accordingly to avoid greater rental one must not place the establishment in less vantage places. If one has own premises to startup business, this is a boon to overcome fifty percent of obstacles and saves capital investment of building advances.

MARKET SURVEY: Before starting a business one has to carry out a Market survey about the business line, to learn dealings, price, quality and quantity, make an attempt to incorporate in the planning process and first hand idea about the prevailing trend and strength and weakness.


When you walk around the market one can find crowded tea stalls, as well as empty ones. Have you ever observed the owners traits of a crowded tea stall? If not recollect and corroborate with…..

Firstly he will greet you by saying “welcome sir, do you want tea or coffee”? make you feel at ease by “directing the works to make proper seating arrangements”. In subsequent visit he stores everything in hard disc and takes care of your needs meticulously. Importantly, he keeps data base of all his customers. The biggest misery is for a cup of tea costing ten rupees, he accepts rupees 2000 note without frowning. Further ensures workers provide best service.


RECEPTION: In the recent past the people at reception of a small scale business have the habit of watching Television and being busy with smartphones while receiving customers. This killer attitude is very dangerous, devastate customer’s perspective.

PASSION: The business must be engrossed with passion of love, as if it is the first love. The fervor depends upon the capital origination to great extent.

FINANCIAL SECURITY: To succeed in a small scale business entity, one must have financial reserve for six months to meet the expenses of business contingencies irrespective of performance of the business. Obviously, one has to skillfully plan about the capital inclusive of a six months contingency fund. 

KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE:  Good knowledge about the business line and gaining experience by undergoing on job training recognize your share. Comprehensively, this will enable us to understand core line of the business and business politics.


Other than aforesaid factors, demand and competition must be taken into consideration. If one focuses and understands the business culture, one can evolve as a better small scale business entrepreneur and keep expanding the branches.

This experience is not drawn from the management books and studies but from real time experience.  It is paramount to start a one time investment business*, rather committing to rotation of funds.  One must always be conscious to understand that individual contributions to the business must be taken into financial consideration while calculating the output of business.

The customer's children are to be dealt with meticulously, they are to be made comfortable to keep customers focused without unwanted distraction. A small play area may be created for children’s entertainment.

The habit of watching Television and using Smartphones must be strictly restricted and the entrepreneur must manifest with example. The staff must be given adequate education to deal customers with etiquette and eradicate discord among them from the roots.

SATISFIED CUSTOMER: One good customer is equal to hundreds of advertisements without spending a penny, a crowd puller for your business is a content customer, most often the entrepreneur forgets. Importantly, value your customers if you want to be valued.  Place a Suggestion Box and complaint numbers to boost the morale of customers.

In initial stages of business don’t aim to attain huge profit but gain value based customers to have long-term association, by keeping profit margin low.

If you are not in a position to keep reserve a reserve fund for running business for six months, better abstain from venturing into business.

If you are in an eatery line, focus on taste, quality, quantity and hygiene.

Pay keen attention in assisting customers for the final exit, subsequently creating a good network with a transport system and reasonable fare will boost the benchmark of business.

The channel of the Home delivery system must be prompt and in time, to gain goodwill of the customers.

Providing basic amenities like quality drinking water and hygienic washrooms will always take your setup for the long run. No form of violence is to happen, be polite in handling customer

Finally we can hide in our actions but let us be truthful in our thinking and hearts toward customers the king.

The most important factor is one has to decide the place of venturing business in relation to pattern of crowd (VERY FAST-MOVING CROWD,FAST-MOVING CROWD,SLOW MOVING CROWD and WALKING CROWD) and make necessary arrangements accordingly. Plan + Persevere = Progress. Establish a small scale business in an area of walking crowd.

CAUTION: Never start a business, wherein one cannot offer better prices than your bigger competitor in two miles distance at any point of time.

*Some of the One Time Investment Business Ventures: Salon, Beauty Parlor, Security services, Housekeeping, editorial, Training Center, Tuition Center.

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