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February 25, 2019 Creative Writer 0

Everyone has a strong inner craving to be known and to discern others. It is an appetite that is never contented, yet the pursuit is worthwhile. Whom you choose to be friends during school days, can transform your life perpetually.

 As youngsters they are inexperience in life to make wise choice to decide friends in school. Parents must guide their children at young age to choose a friend who inspires them with positivity, creativity, making good grades and abreast to work towards defined goals. An average of four to five friends spend the most time during the school days and subsequently choosing the wrong friends tend to distract and divert young minds  and they realise the repercussion later in life.

Fortunately in our teen, the blessed ones meet some extraordinary friends, who are better than them in all conduct and they inspired to give best in everything. Friends can really change your life for better or for worse! Be vigilant. “A friend cherishes one another and be kind to achieve unseen dreams, by walking in, when others walk out”.  

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