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February 21, 2019 Creative Writer 0

One has to inculcate to apply their intellect more than their cadaver. Don’t try to do everything by self, get them done through experts to create an impeccable impact. Don’t dissipate time on lamenting about your past, use momentum to move ahead. Learn to respect people around you and develop empathy. Pushing your ego aside, quitting is better than wasting time being visionless and awaiting dead destination. Make an endeavour to run towards perfection, money is just a by-product and a medium to live. Do not live for others, be yourself, as it makes you different from the crowd. Abstain from following the multitude, take a different route. There are millions to fulfil existing wants of people, create new needs.  Assign people to handle routine tasks, subsequently strategise and focus on your vision. If you want to cry, cry when you are lonely, smile and be cheerful in front of the world.

Never underestimate yourself and don’t let others to do the same. Speak less, listen more because more you speak, you seep out your furtive and more you listen you catch other’s secret. When requisite arise, work round the clock, at ease learn to have fun and relax.  Be dynamic to be more flexible than others in the realm and proactive to make best before the populace start reacting to the circumstances. Our dreams must be genuinely huge, so that others just mock at them and not consider competing with us. One should try to that extent, when the world starts calling you a failure, until one succeeds. Relax, Reaffirm, Rejoice, Rejuvenate and Reach at the top.

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